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ParcelCover Digital Parcel Shipping Insurance Solution

Driving Digital Parcel Shipping Insurance Connectivity and Analytics.

Digital Parcel Shipping Insurance Solution

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing how businesses across all industries operate and serve their customers and parcel shipping insurance is no exception. 

The launch of digital parcel shipping platforms and marketplaces present an exciting new distribution channel for the parcel shipping insurance product. Integrating parcel shipping and logistics insurance products and solutions into the ecosystems of digital freight greatly enhances the customer service and purchasing experience. 

Integrate ParcelCover Into Your Daily Operations

ParcelCover delivers a true digital parcel shipping insurance experience. In addition to our cloud based platform, ParcelCover offers a frictionless well-documented API with web services that integrate seamlessly with booking platforms, online market places and other systems used by Freight Forwarders (NVOCC), Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL’s), Common Carriers (Ocean and Truck), Load Brokers and Shippers to quote and book shipments.

The ParcelCover  Full-Stack System Integration

Designed to deliver an efficient and cost effective digital parcel shipping insurance experience that empowers organizations and participants to:

  • Keep pace with change
  • Outpace new competitors
  • Create a one-stop-shop experience
  • Provide full stack solutions
  • Enhance your revenue streams

Data Analytics and Increased Visibility

Supply Chain visibility and real-time cargo tracking are more important than ever. ParcelCover data analytics and visibility capabilities support users in the efficient management of strategic, operative and financial risk via enabling real-time data-driven decision-making. 

Implementation and Support

Engineered for quick and easy adoption, ParcelCover system implementations are fully supported by Marsh's and Insurity’s support services teams. Global help desk and implementation support services keep you covered 24 hours a day. 

Benefits of the ParcelCover Insurance Program

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