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Insure Your Parcels with Ease

ParcelCover is a convenient and cost efficient digital parcel shipping insurance solutions for large shippers of big and small packages.

Why ParcelCover?

Managing parcel insurance for a high volume of shipments is a complex and error-prone task for shippers and merchants. At ParcelCover we provide the industry's top digital solution that takes the pain out of managing this process. With ParcelCover, you can ensure smooth, effective, and efficient parcel shipping insurance management.

ParcelCover by Marsh Specialty

ParcelCover is the industry’s leading digital parcel shipping insurance platform offering convenient and cost effective parcel shipping insurance and claims administration.

CargoCover™ by Marsh Specialty

 Transportation companies have limited liability for loss or damage to the cargo they carry. Cargo Insurance helps cargo owners and transportation companies manage their risk.

Benefits of the ParcelCover Insurance Program